Monday, 20 April 2020

Things you need to know about fungal infections and cure Naturally

         The fungal infection can cause the patient's social life, work, family life, and other practical problems. It is more common in women and diabetic patients but in men as well. Many people are reluctant to even talk to their doctor about fungal infections.

First, we need to understand what is a fungal infection

fungal infection      There are billions of organisms in the body and skin that do not normally attack the human body. These microorganisms are known as commensal. 
These include bacteria and fungus. Fungal infections occur when our body's immune system is depleted or there are other conditions that favor the growth of the fungus. 
The most common type of fungal infection, candidiasis, is found on the part of the body that is wet and hot. The Armpit, Joints, folds, and groin regions are the parts of the body that are wet and hot. 
Patients with diabetes are more likely to have fungal infections because of their lack of immunity.

Fungal infections on Skin

          Heat and wetness is favorable conditions for fungus, so people with low immunity are more likely to have fungal infections in areas where humidity and heat are higher.
 Skin fungal infection is seen in the fingers, between the toes, on the lower back of the breast, joints, and armpit. 
The first symptom is the intense itching of the skin. Forming a circle which prominent in edges on the skin .gradually increasing the diameter and itching of the circle. 
Washing with soap can increase your risk of fungal infection. 
The normal pH of the skin is Alkaline. When using soap for washing your skin, the pH is alkaline for some time.
Alkaline ph is in favor of the fungus to growing and spreading the infection. Infection can transmit through touching, sexual contact, and dress which washing with the patient's dress. 
You can prevent fungal infection by maintaining good hygiene, use talcum powder to reduce friction, drink plenty of water, and include vitamin C in your diet to increase immunity power. Never use a wet dress.

How to Cure Fungal Infections on skin Naturally

Today, if a person has a fungal infection, they will see a doctor and take medicine. But he will not take the full course prescribed by the doctor.If fungal infection reappears, medication will start again. Doing so will not cure the disease and the drug will become resistant.
Fungal infection can be cured natural remedies that can be used in homes.
The most important is the use of turmeric. 
Garlic is mixed with virgin coconut oil and apply it in the area of fungal infection. 

Eating a pinch of turmeric morning and night is very good for fungal infection
Turmeric helps boost our body's immune system and maintain our skin's health
The yogurt we commonly use is very good for fungal infections, especially for the skin. Yogurt contains a lot of bacteria that our body needs, which helps boost immunity.
Incorporating yogurt and turmeric into your diet and applying turmeric into the fungus infected area can help reduce chronic fungal infection.
fungal infection cure naturallyIf you have dry skin, apply a little turmeric powder and vitamin A capsule on the aloe vera gel and apply it in the area of fungal infection to reduce chronic fungal infection.
virgin coconut oil contains a lot of antioxidants and Lauric acid. Virgin coconut oil and a little turmeric powder can be applied to the fungal infection area. 
The mixture of coconut oil which contains Lauric acid and turmeric works well against fungus.
Mix 15 ml of apple cedar vinegar in a glass of water and dip it in a cotton swab and apply it to the area of ​​fungal will get a good result.